Punk Rock Made In Belgium

9TeeZ is a Belgium based band from out of Wallonia. They arebest recognized for being inspired by music from the 90's.

In the 3 years that 9TeeZ has been active, they have grabbed influence from experiences, poppunk culture, Skate Video Games, and all around them. Their fans, friends and gratefulpeople that motivates their poppy, refreshing style the most. 9TeeZ references to their music as"Bringing Sunshine To People At Any Time Of The Year".

It was the joyful & funny music from their favorite artists (Blink 182, Sum41, Bowling ForSoup, Goldfinger) that had the most impact on them growing up. 9TeeZ's work can be foundon Spotify, Apple Music & iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, Amazon Music,... while they continue tocraft themselves. People have a general appreciation for the Energy, Motivation & GoodVibes when they come across 9TeeZ's material.


Music Videos